Perky Loaf Restaurant and Bakery – Not Your Grandma’s Kitchen, But Pretty Close

by | Jul 27, 2023 | Food & Drink | 0 comments

By Chantal Belcourt
Since opening we have been able to see what we had in mind. We stare at our vision every time we look around.  It’s not just tables full of people that just chat with the one sitting directly across from them, it’s tables chatting with the tables beside them. It’s customers who have become family, it’s new relationships that have blossomed, it’s people helping people.  It’s a place to go to grab a few loaves of fresh breads for the week, to get your sweet tooth fix from our bakery/dessert section or to sit and enjoy a meal like you would if you were sitting at Grandmas dining room table. It’s about the love we put into all our food, our wonderful staff making sure you feel right at home. It’s about treating every customer like family each time they visit. The personal touches that keep them coming back.
Just like our menu that is based off Michelle’s Grandmothers recipes with a little twist , the fresh breads are recipes my grandma used too. We definitely recommend you try some of our breads. It will remind you of big Sunday dinners around the table with family.