Building Community with the Annapolis Valley Folk School

by | Jun 23, 2023 | Arts & Culture, Classes, Community | 0 comments

The Annapolis Valley Folk School is a place of life-long learning based right in our community!

They are barter based and create opportunities for fellow community members to teach everything from traditional trades, craft, animal husbandry, and arts to food knowledge, gardening, computer classes, and budgeting. Tell them what you’ve always wanted to learn and they will find a facilitator! They also celebrate our local talents at concerts, potlucks, swaps and other gatherings.

As a growing community, members of the Annapolis Valley Folk School also support a Community Pantry, located at 43 Lawrencetown Lane. The pantry offers free food and a free book exchange. It is open all day, every day and there for everyone to use. If you know of anyone in need please let them know it is available.

Sometimes it’s not easy to figure out how to become involved in the sessions, swaps, concerts, yoga and all the other events that are available to everyone here at the Folk School, so here are a few ways to make contact and begin learning with us.

If you found us on Facebook, the event links will take you directly to Eventbrite where you can get your free tickets. Everyone needs to get a ticket so we can be prepared for the amount of people coming to the session. The tickets tend to go quickly which is why we have set it up so that the available sessions are advertised before the tickets are up on Eventbrite to give more people an opportunity to get one even if they are not on the computer as often.

If you found us in the Bridgetown Reader, you can go directly to Eventbrite and sign up to have all the Annapolis Valley Folk School events emailed directly to you so that you know what is coming up.

If you do not have access to a computer please call 902 825 3070 and we will get you registered with a ticket. .

It is very important if you have taken a ticket and can not make it that you return the ticket to Eventbrite so that someone else waiting in the wings will be able to join in. We always have a waitlist for events and don’t want anyone to miss out. Feel free to reach out to Maureen at 902 825 3070 if you need help returning your ticket.

If you have any questions email Maureen at or find them on Facebook or Eventbrite.